Kalia is more than a manufacturer. It’s your partner for creating the most beautiful water tales in your home. As water is the source of life, we believe it needs to be delivered through products whose elegance and outstanding durability and functionality will keep you fully satisfied for years.


Once upon a time… water led to the creation of Kalia by three people sharing a passion for plumbing: David Poulin, Bruno Raby and Marie-France Poulin. Each with over 20 years of experience in this industry, these partners have a lot of water stories to tell! They are part of the Camada Group, a private joint-stock company held by the Poulin family.

Driven by their complicity and creativity, the members of the Kalia team strive to reach the same goal – to improve people's daily well-being. To that effect, they design, manufacture and distribute residential plumbing products that represent innovative, long-term solutions for their customers. This is how Kalia is the instigator of so many beautiful water tales!


The Kalia team sets itself apart by being a point of reference for various types of products in the plumbing industry. A leading company in design and innovation, Kalia is renowned for the exceptional quality of its achievements, all of which are the fruit of the Kalia design studio’s meticulous work. Kalia’s superior-quality products meet and even surpass established standards and requirements, as shown by their lifetime warranty.

Kalia’s managers have also created a quick and customized service system that is adapted to the realities of today – and even of tomorrow. Finally, as excellence and innovation are considered essential by Kalia, the company carries out its development using responsible resource management practices.

David Poulin

Bruno Raby

Marie-France Poulin